Ondo Foundation is a Cayman Islands Foundation Company whose mission is to usher in a new era of financial inclusivity and market efficiency through onchain institutional-grade financial products and services. Ondo Foundation is a nonprofit with no beneficial owners. Our mandate is specifically focused on several key areas:

  • Supporting Innovation: Financing and endorsing projects that responsibly advance the adoption of tokenized RWAs and their use in onchain financial protocols

  • Educating and Promoting Awareness: Increasing public understanding of our ecosystem and the benefits of asset tokenization

  • Treasury Management: Overseeing a treasury to facilitate strategic ecosystem growth

  • Contract Deployment: Issuing governance tokens and deploying protocol smart contracts

  • Web Application Management: Hosting web applications for certain platforms in the ecosystem

  • Strategic Partnerships and Engagement: Collaborating with businesses, regulators, and other stakeholders

  • Intellectual Property Management: Acquiring and handling IP rights

  • Community Events and Engagement: Organizing events to strengthen community ties